Announcing Tethered

Secret Sorcery have officially announced their debut VR game Tethered over on the PlayStation blog and I’m excited to announce that I’m writing the game’s score 🙂

Whilst I’ve written a lot of music in-house over the past 10+ years, this is the first time anyone has actually hired me to write music for their game. So, it represents a pretty significant milestone for my freelance career. Big thanks to Secret Sorcery for the opportunity – it’s been a blast, so looking forward to shipping Tethered over the coming months!

It’s also really exciting to be part of the launch lineup for PlayStation’s new virtual reality platform. VR presents a lot of new challenges for developers, but we’re nonetheless doing our best to make the audio in the game central to the player experience and that is going to manifest itself in ways which I think you might not expect – watch this space…

Secret Sorcery will be at E3 next week to show off Tethered to the world.